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Who we are

We design and develop everything with a purpose. We deliver what we promise. Keeping in mind about the reputation in the industry we always keep our strategies, creativity and technology up to date. We believe strongly that if you do not have interest in creating something then you wont be able to create something creative and innovative.

Our people

Our dedicated team of strategy consultants, UX designers and engineers do not work only what we tell them to do. They create ideas, discuss and craft something that will look beautiful and creative to you. Spica team do not work under pressure, they do time management. Follow updated Project Management Methodologies and inspires and encourage all the members to learn and create stuff in time which in returns makes strong bonds with our clients.

Alina Silwal
CEO / Marketing Head
Manoj Rana
Managing Director/ HR&A
Suman Dahal
Founder / Senior PHP Developer
Anit Thapaliya
Business Development Officer
Sundeep Neupane
Marketing Director
Hemant Bam
Laxman Tako
Designer/Frontend Developer
Sumit Bajracharya
CI /Wordpress Developer
  • Hiring the best is our most important task.

  • You are creative. Its time to show.

  • We seek innovation in everyone. Lets work together and do something innovative.

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